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Example Release Forms

During your initial consultation, we will review with you and have you sign 3 important documents. Samples of these documents can be downloaded to review in advance; however, please do not complete or sign the samples. Your pet consultant will bring these forms with her during your initial consultation.

Veterinary Release Agreement

In the event that any of your pets or large animals appears to be ill, injured, or at significant risk of experiencing a medical problem at the start of service or while in the care of 3A Pet Sitting, this release gives permission to 3A Pet Sitting to seek veterinary service from a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic.

You can download a SAMPLE Veterinary Release Agreement here.

Key Handling Agreement

This Agreement provides 3A Pet Sitting permission to make a copy of your house key(s) for emergency / backup purposes at their discretion. 3A Pet Sitting will place an identifying code on your keys, however your keys will not be marked with your name, address, or pet’s names.

You can download a SAMPLE Key Handling Agreement here.

Legal Considerations

This Agreement covers all terms and conditions of our pet sitting services as a whole.

You can download a SAMPLE Legal Considerations Agreement here.

To schedule a pet sitting service, please call 510-673-4646, complete an online request, or send us an email: .

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3A Pet Sitting is licensed, bonded and insured.
Providing quality pet sitting, pet taxi and small errand services to the
Fremont, Newark and Union City California communities.