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Due to overwhelming telemarketing calls the 3A telephone will be disconnected immediately with no forwarding number listed.  Existing clients can email me directly or thru the website to get my personal cell phone number.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Every attempt was made to get the calls to stop however we still receive 20+ calls a day to the 3A cell phone and are purely frustrated.


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Fremont, Newark and Union City, California

Because Your Pet's Deserve the VERY Best!

When you're gone for holidays, vacations, weekend get-a-ways, or even while you're at work, who is looking after your loved ones? You know, the furry ones on all fours, or perhaps with wings, or even fins? Do you entrust their well-being with a neighborhood kid, only to worry all the while that your pet is not getting the love and attention they deserve? Why worry when you can have 3A Pet Sitting do the job for you and do it right.

Home, Sweet Home

Our favorite chair, our own bed, the familiar smell of home are just some of the things that make us feel safe and secure. We all love the comforts of home and our pets are no different. Does your cat like to sunbathe in the window of your living room each day? Does your dog love to sleep late into the day at the foot of your bed with his favorite toy nearby? Why make them miss these things of comfort when they are already missing you by boarding them somewhere away from their home? In-home care is the perfect solution and 3A Pet Sitting is perfect for the job.

With 3A Pet Sitting your pets miss you a little less. Afternoon strolls, rounds of fetch and special treats of food and grooming are perks your pets crave. Your pet's visit is packed with stimulation, care, and affection. When you're away, 3A Pet Sitting will pamper your pets every need. It's like your sending them to the grandparents to get spoiled!

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Free Report from Fremont pet sitting expert 3A Pet SittingYour FREE Consultation with 3A Pet Sitting is only a call or email away. During your consultation we will go over all the pertinent paperwork, do a walk-through of your normal routine and most importantly meet your pets. It is crucial for your pet to get acclimated with their sitter while you're still home. This allows for a smooth transition, less anxiety, and successful bonding.

Before you hire your next pet sitter, be sure to download our FREE report "Finding the RIGHT Pet Sitter: 7 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Pet Sitter." You'll also receive our quarterly newsletter "The Pet Perspective" free of charge.

We know your pets are special! Make sure their pet sitter is too! Schedule your free consultation today!

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3A Pet Sitting is licensed, bonded and insured.
Providing quality pet sitting, pet taxi and small errand services to the
Fremont, Newark and Union City California communities.